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did you dream of me?

I was going to make a TMNT vid, I swear. But even after uploading the footage from the new TMNT tv show, I still felt something amiss, and abandoned the project. Instead, I picked up an odd little idea I had while listening to Guster's "Demon," which I was originally going to make into a Raphael vid.

Instead, I'm doing something a little different.

click the image to see video. Or 'right click save as' to download.
window media viewer.

Huge spoilers for Kill Bill Volume Two. Watch at your own risk for KB2 spoilers.

The more I listend to the song, the more I felt the need to vid it for the Bride of Kill Bill. I'm still debating whether I'm going to do a "remix" of the video with a different ending-- highlighting all those she's killed in order to "Kill Bill," but I wasn't sure that was the heart of the video.

It's about the Bride and how she's made herself into a Demon, because it's easier to hurt others and remove herself emotionally so that she won't get hurt again. The song could work for Bill as well, but Bill wigs me out and Uma Thurman is amazing eye candy.

Please comment with suggestions, nice things, and constructive criticisms. :] Hell yeah!
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