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Vid: Over You

Sorry dearies, for my severe lack of postage as of late. I have this great urge not to fail Algebra 2 and thus not graduate in June. *SWEATDROP* Anyone out here really good at math?

Anyway, thought I'd post a little goodie [the first of many more to come] for all of you. ;]

I've been on hiatus for what seems like forever.

But it seems I can't stay away from Farscape.

Vid Title: Over You
Song Title: Weak and Powerless
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Spoilers: All for season one and two.
Subject: John can't get over Scorpius.
Windows Media File.

Tilling my own grave to keep my level.

Right-click "save target as" to download. Otherwise just click and watch!

Hope y'all like it.

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