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John Crichton Batch One (1-10)

Screwed up for AP Portfolio and forgot to bring in my revised pieces to I could get 80's on them instead of 70's. Maybe I can bring them to school before the end of the day and show my teachers that I DID revise them.
Otherwise, I have more then I did last time, which should bring my grade up from a C to a B, maybe :)

Anyway, here are some icons for icons100 that I made.

Subject: John Crichton, from Farscape
Batch: Batch One (1-10)
Themes: blue, red, green, ice, fire, wicked, mmmyum, forgotten, a dreamer's dream, desire
Additonal Notes: Comment, credit. Resources are found in my resources post.

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by

4.Image hosted by 5. Image hosted by 6. Image hosted by

7. Image hosted by 8. Image hosted by Photobucket.com9. Image hosted by 10. Image hosted by

Tags: farscape, icons
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